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Dear Patient or Caregiver, 


Your access to methylcobalamin injection from compounding pharmacies is at risk in California.


The California Board of Pharmacy is taking a position that outsourcing facilities are better equipped to meet the standard of medication quality for this specific drug. Although rule changes are in discussion phases, it is critical that we work together to educate the Board of the impact and inappropriate direction of this position.

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How Can I Help?

Fill out a short survey to provide essential information on the importance of your access to B12 medication from a compounding pharmacy.

How may this impact your care or your loved one’s care?


The proposed requirement to obtain your B12 medication from an outsourcing facility instead of a compounding pharmacy means that you will no longer be able to have your medication shipped directly to your home or address of choice. You may not be able to select your pharmacy of choice, as this rule would prohibit Lee Silsby from serving you. A visit to your doctor's office will be required to receive your medication.  A change to your therapy may also occur if outsourcing facilities do not manufacture your specific drug strength(s) and drug combinations.


Does Lee Silsby meet these California sterile medication quality standards?

Yes! Lee Silsby goes above and beyond to meet all the quality requirements in California law. In fact - Lee Silsby is proud to lead the way in industry best practices and quality testing. We understand the importance of the California Board of Pharmacy’s role in protecting the public from harm. However, we respectfully take a stand that this current thinking is inappropriate and creates the very public harm they are tasked to protect.

How can you help?

Lee Silsby is leading patient advocacy efforts with the California Board of Pharmacy and the Compounding Committee. Lee Silsby would be honored to speak on behalf of your concerns. You may complete a survey, by clicking here, to provide essential information on the importance of your access to B12 medication from a compounding pharmacy. You may select to maintain your privacy while providing a testimony on this important matter. 

Thank you for supporting and choosing Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy. Our work is important because of you.

All the best,

The Lee Silsby Family

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