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The Nation's Premier Compounding Pharmacy

30 Years of Exceeding Industry Standards

Lee Silsby maintains industry standards that far exceed nearly all other compounding pharmacies in the nation. Our federal inspections prove it – year after year. 

Easily Send Us an Rx

Toll-free: 800-918-8831

Fax: 216-321-4303

E-prescribe: 800-918-8831

or 216-321-4300


Hours: Monday- Friday, 9am to 6pm

23865 Mercantile Rd.

Beachwood, Ohio 44122

Not All Compounding Pharmacies are the Same. 

Inspectors are routinely impressed by our standards that far exceed national guidelines.

Dr. Richard Frye recommends Lee Silsby

"They have unique products that seem to work for many of my patients. So with that experience, I tend to guide patients toward Lee Silsby because I know it's going to be a quality product, and that's what's important. We find that many kids with autism are sensitive to additives and colorings, and these types of things that aren't taken into account when you have commercial products."

- Richard Frye, M.D.

When working with us you can expect:


  • Patient Care Specialists who know your patients and their preferences

  • Reliable, on-time dispensing. It’s on time, every time

  • An easy to work with team of experts

  • Thousands of custom formulations in dosages & forms designed to be well-absorbed and well-tolerated

  • Financial assistance programs for patients in need 

  • Direct-to-Pharmacist Hotline. Don't waste time on hold ever again 

  • Licensed in 45 states (more coming) and shipping internationally to serve your patients when and where needed

  • 13 USP/FDA Compliant Labs including Sterile, Hazardous and Non-Hazardous  

  • Dedicated Compliance and Quality Control departments

  • Dedicated Research & Development department

  • Easy medication ordering for your convenience  - e-prescribe, fax, or Pharmacist Hotline 

  • Exclusive Refill Reminder Program which alerts patients to take or refill prescriptions for better compliance

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Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy is a premier 503A compounding pharmacy. We are licensed in 45 States and have been providing expert care for more than 30 years.

Our Pharmacist Team is always available to assist you with dosing or medication questions and provide expert advice. 

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