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Disulfiram (Acid Resistant, Slow Release) Capsules

Compounded capsules are gluten, casein, sugar, and soy-free.  


Disulfiram is an FDA-approved drug, in use since 1951. Its approved indication is as an alcohol antagonist to help alcoholic patients stay sober. When alcohol is used in conjunction with Disulfiram, a strong reaction occurs that involves highly unpleasant symptoms. These symptoms are unpleasant enough to help prevent further alcohol consumption. 






Researchers have recently tested Disulfiram for antimicrobial effectiveness. 

Disulfiram was found to have an antimicrobial effect against several key pathogens.






Information for Practitioners

Contact your Practitioner Relations Manager to start prescribing Disulfiram (Acid-Resistant, Slow Release) Capsules. 

Information for Patients

Call us at 1-800-918-8831 if you have a prescription for Disulfiram (Acid-Resistant, Slow Release) Capsules that you would like us to fill for you. 

“Disulfiram, unexpectedly, appeared to exert activity against not only borreliosis but also babesiosis."

Disulfiram Acid Resistant Capsules for lyme Disease

Disulfiram (Acid-Resistant, Slow Release) Capsules are available in the following strengths:

  • 16.25mg acid-resistant capsules

  • 25mg acid-resistant capsules

  • 31.25mg acid-resistant capsules

  • 50mg acid-resistant capsules

  • 62.5mg acid-resistant capsules

  • 100mg acid-resistant capsules

  • 125mg acid-resistant capsules

  • 200mg acid-resistant capsules

  • 250mg acid-resistant capsules

  • 375mg acid-resistant capsules

  • 500mg acid-resistant capsules



Prescription Required: This medication requires a prescription from your prescriber.


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