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Enhansa Testimonials


"I just received my bottle of the Enhansa-taste-free about an hour ago. I put a scoop into my son's Izze Clementine drink and he drank the whole thing without any problems! This from a child with a severe gag reflex! Thank you!!"

-Lee Silsby patient

Dear Alan,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much better our son, Ryan, is doing on your Curcumin (Enhansa). (..) What a die-off reaction, I was very impressed, but immediately starting following the directions.

Anyway, after Ryan was on 600mg once daily we saw such great improvement (...)

We have a great mom's group and several of the moms in the group have also found your Curcumin (Enhansa) to be far superior to other curcumin products as well. So needless to say we are going to remain on it. (...)

Thank you again and keep making those wonderful products,

-Annette Van Dyke, RPh, MPH

One of my autistic clients has been using Enhansa for 2 months now. (...) His parents are thrilled (...), as am I.

-Elaine Hardy, MS, RN, APN, C

FYI, I just started using your Enhansa with my son (...) He is responding beautifully to the Enhansa. He’s a big kid (about 120lbs) and takes 600mg, 2x a day. It’s a very exciting and much needed product (...). Love love love the stuff. Thank you for recognizing the need for it.

-Tami Wilken


I wanted to share the good news about our recent experience with Enhansa! (...) She is doing SO wonderfully on this product! (...) I am SO blown away.

-A. Carrero

Just wanted to post how we are doing on Enhansa. We started out per the instructions at 150mg and my kids had a huge reaction. We backed off and restarted at 75mg and they did much better. (...) Enhansa has been awesome (...).

-Autism Mother

My name is Mitchell Glasscock. I have been taking Enhansa every day starting February 5, 2009. I am a twenty year old man and a patient of Dr. Mumper's. (...) I am so thrilled with Enhansa and what it is doing for me. (...) I think enhansa is all good and there are no bad parts. I like the way it tastes in applesauce. You are a genius. I want to take enhansa as long as I live. You are a great doctor. Thank you

-Mitchell Glasscock

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the great results with Enhansa. I did in the beginning have a problem getting my son, Ish, to take the new supplement. However, after mastering masking (more of a blending) the distinctive flavor, the obvious results encouraged me to up his dosage. A recommendation from a warrior mother of Autism that worked for me was to melt Xylitol in a spoon and then add the Enhansa to it. That, and putting the mixture into a little juice, did the trick for Ish.

(...) The journey is not so scary anymore because now there is a little light at the end of the tunnel. Love and faith,


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for developing such great products. (...) We began Enhansa 2 months ago and the results are striking. (...) I was so impressed at the customer service that I've asked our doctor to change our B12 injections from our current compounding pharmacy to yours. Our son is improving each day and my husband and I are so grateful for the Enhansa. I'd hug you if I could.

-S. V.

We have had Michael on Enhansa for well over a month now, and have seen incredible results. (…)

-Renée Bress

(...) I have been struggling for years and have taken many various products that have not been very effective. I am amazed at the wonderful results that I have received by taking Enhansa. I started on the lowest dose and have increased to 600 mg daily. (...) I am so thankful for Lee Silsby Pharmacy and the high quality pharmaceuticals and supplements that they create. I highly recommend the Enhansa supplement (...)!

-Patty M.

I use enhansa and have Lyme. (...) I love it. I have chronic pain, but it is very manageable with enhansa.

-Ariel V.

Hi, I'm Sally from Upper Michigan. (...) This past December when I saw my Madison doctor he suggested that I start using the Enhansa. I can't even begin to share the difference it has made in my life. (...) For over 10 years I really never felt good. But with the beginning of 2012 I feel its a New Year with New Hope and New life. Thank you God, Dr. Galvez and thank you Enhansa.

-Sally M.

Enhansa Testimonials

Enhansa CurcTaste-Free Powder by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy
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