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Save on your Hydroxocobalamin 25mg/ml injections by purchasing a 2 month supply

B12 injections now have a minimum order price of $45. The good news is that you will pay less per month than you previously paid by ordering a 2 month supply.

Previous Price

Medication (4 syringes):


Shipping: $22/month

 $53.80 /month

Medication (4 syringes):


Shipping: $22/month

 $67 /month

New Price (2 month supply)

Medication (8 syringes):


Shipping: $11/month

 $44.60 /month

Save $110 per year as compared to previous price

New Price (1 month supply)

2nd Day Air Refrigerated shipping cost is $22. Ordering every other month saves you 6 shipping fees per year.

Ordering every other month saves you time by ordering and unpacking your refills 6 fewer times per year.

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