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Dear Patient or Caregiver, 


Thank you for choosing Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy. Our work is important because of you


We are writing to inform you about a necessary price increase on our compounded drugs, beginning February 15, 2021. 


How much will prices increase?

Most medications will increase in price by approximately 5%. 

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How to Save Money on Your Prescriptions

Did you know that you can save money on most prescriptions?  

Why is the price increase necessary?

The cost of operating a compounding pharmacy, while maintaining the highest levels of quality and service that you expect and deserve, has increased dramatically. 


Areas of cost increases include: raw materials, drug packaging, Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”), lab facility requirements, environmental monitoring, quality testing, lab processing equipment, inspections and audits, insurance network participation requirements, labor, utilities, insurance, shipping fees, refrigerated packaging, reporting requirements, and IT costs.


A modest price increase on our compounded medications will allow us to continue to provide you with the quality and service that Lee Silsby is known for while adding new industry-leading products and services such as:

  • Rx refill mobile app, allowing for easy ordering and enhanced patient compliance 

  • Next-generation Enhansa supplements to better address patient wellness

  • Innovative new compounds

  • Extended beyond use dating, allowing you to save time and money on your medications

  • Extended delivery days, allowing you to receive medication shipments on the weekend

  • Improved cold shipment technologies to ensure safe medication delivery

  • Always-in-stock compounded medications so that you never have to wait

  • Licensed in 45 states to meet your needs throughout the country

Lee Silsby is committed to providing you with the highest quality compounded medications. It is our privilege to be a part of your care.

All the best,

The Lee Silsby Family

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