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Save time and money by purchasing a 2 month supply of Synapsin Nasal Spray

Synapsin 10% Nasal Spray

1 month supply

Medication (12ml): $108/month

Shipping: $22/month

 $130 /month

Synapsin 10% Nasal Spray

2 month supply

Medication (12ml): $83/month

Shipping: $11/month

 $94 /month

Save $432 per year

Save 60 minutes per year with less ordering and unpacking

Similar savings are available for other Synapsin, Synapsin/Methylcobalamin, and Synapsin/Hydroxocobalamin nasal sprays. 

2nd Day Air Refrigerated shipping cost is $22. Ordering every other month saves you 6 shipping fees per year.

Ordering every other month saves you time by ordering and unpacking your refills 6 fewer times per year.

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