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Vaccinating A Child


Dear Patients, 


Ohio law governs the manner in which we process prescriptions written by providers who experience a “change of status.”1


When a Lee Silsby pharmacist concludes that a drug is essential to sustain the life of the patient or to continue therapy for a chronic condition or where failure to dispense the drug could result in harm to the health of the patient, valid prescriptions written prior to the prescriber’s change of status can be filled as follows:


For non-controlled substances, one new or refill prescription can be dispensed for up to a 30-day supply.


Please note – only one refill is permitted of any prescription issued by a prescriber prior to his/her change of status. Any remaining refills will be considered void and may not be dispensed under Ohio law. OAC 4729:5-5(J)(3).


1 “A change of status includes, but is not limited to, the following: death, incapacity, suspension, surrender or revocation of the prescriber's license or registration, or permanent relocation.” OAC 4729:5-5(J)(2).

Please contact us at 1-800-918-8831 if you would like to have your prescription(s) filled in accordance with the above information.

For patients looking for a practitioner specializing in Functional Medicine, ASD/PANS/PANDAS, or Lyme Disease, we offer the following recommendations: 


Cheryl Hammes, DO (treats children & adults) Info on becoming a patient (scheduling patients approximately 3 months out)


Michael Elias Gabriel, MD (treats children) Telemedicine available


Daniel Kalb, MD (treats children & adults) Telemedicine available


Jerry Kartzinel, MD (treats children) Info on becoming a patient Telemedicine available


Allen Lewis, MD (treats children) Info on becoming a patient 


Armen Nikogosian, MD (treats children & adults) Info on becoming a patient Telemedicine available 


Nancy O’Hara, MD (treats children) Info on becoming a patient (scheduling patients currently 3 months out)

Rossignol Medical Center (multiple practitioners and locations) (treats children) Telemedicine available 


Mark Sivieri, MD (treats children & adults) Practice FAQs Telemedicine available

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